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A warm welcome

We boarded the ship in Coral Harbour and were met at the dock by a bunch of smiling faces!

I‘ve heard stories about the famous Inuit hospitality but was nice to experience It! Had a wonderful welcome with tons of kids playing and helping us load. Nacho was the most popular by far, especially one boy named CJ who put his arm around him and didn’t let go for an hour. Nacho started speaking Spanish. Then we brought out our dive gear! They got pretty excited and wanted us to get in the water right away. Unfortunately we didn‘t have tanks. But we took them out for a tour of the ship as a consolation prize.

Once we boarded and unpacked we had one big question. Is the compressor okay?? Last year the divers did not do a single dive because it broke on transit. So understandably we were a bit apprehensive.

But hurrah! It works. All tanks are filled. All dive gear is here that we need! Whoever arranged the logistics was on the ball ;)

Now to load the zodiac and get wet! First stop. Bear Island. Hmmmm why did it get that name you may ask? (So did we, apparently, the locals saw one there yesterday).

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