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Back to school

Remember the many of the children living in the neighborhood that were stopping by the station to see the animals and plants that we had collected? Their enthusiasm inspired us to contact the high school and elementary school to ask if we could come and do presentations!

The teachers at the elementary school and the high school were amazing and very supportive. They welcomed us and our buckets into the classroom!

We spent two days with ~300 kids, playing videos of us working underwater, demonstrating diving and sampling equipment, and showing tanks of live sea stars, corals, urchins, anemones, jellyfish, plankton, shrimp, and many more. It was so nice to share our findings and knowledge and see how engaged and excited they were.

Trevor joined us at the elementary school so that we could give part of our presentation in Inuktituk. Was fun to see their shock and excitement when we told them all the creatures, videos and photographs came from under the water just outside the town.

Here come the next generation of marine scientists! Lucky we have autographs!

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