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Small p phycologists

So while our dive team was packing for this trip one professor (ahem Ladd Johnson) may have heckled us about the depth of our seaweed knowledge. No idea why. Could have been our baffled faces as we tried to buy the many components of an algae press... or the number of ID books we brought to determine species of red algae. Either way, it was hinted that we had all not quite earned the coveted designation of a Phycologist yet.

Well we rose to the challenge.

We’ve collected all the seaweed species and are making a herbarium. That’s a big P for piss off and have a little faith Ladd ;)

(Okay maybe Karen just played with big stipes while Gabrielle did the magic)

In Other news it was a steady 30-35 knots and big swells. So no diving and lots of people staying in the bunks and the bathrooms.

We did manage to do some drop camera surveys though! The science must go on.

We can see the canopy height on our echosounder. And used the camera to confirm the deep kelp edge at about 40 m depth. Will be interesting to see how that changes when we move to an area more covered in sea ice...

Winds are lightening up! Hopefully we can dive in the morning after 2 days waiting for better conditions.

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