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Spicing things up

Yesterday was a colorful evening. We took advantage of one of our last nights onboard to treat our crew to some traditional Chilean delicacies: empanadas! (Although, this time, with a touch of “Arctic flavour“, thanks to our benthic scientists who generously accepted to contribute to the seafood empanada concoction by garnishing it with freshly caught shrimps)

-Special shoutout to our Chileans (Nacho and Pauly) for this tasty initiative-

After several hours of labouring and practising the meticulous art of kneading the dough, we were able to serve everyone the coveted meal 😉

Result: SUCCESS: Our guests couldn’t kelp themselves from joyfully rubbing their tummy (laughs in Spanish)…Who would’ve thought, that our triad would perform as good in the kitchen as in the water! 🤪

As for now, we’ve made it to Coral Harbour (WOOHOO!!) and are currently anchored out in the bay. Our team has powered through the last stretch of the leg: dives are over,algae is measured and data is entered! We are now busy with packing, cleaning, tidying and enjoying the last couple hours in great company!

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