Finding forests

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

We are full swing into this cruise and the dive team has deployed twice, despite the sustained winds over 20 knots.

A tricky thing about picking dive sites in this area.... A lot of the bathymetry data is patchy at best. ‘Satellite estimated’ they call it! Right. It’s hard to know what the bottom is doing if you only have a chart. We keep driving over ‘land’ at 20 m.

So there we are, steaming out to the dive site that we pretty much picked blind. Hoping we will find a Kelp Forest. (And starting to have second thoughts about how easy that will be).

But about a km away from the carefully selected location, we start seeing these large floating things on the surface.

Its giant sugar kelp! About 5 m long. Floating with a big hollow air bubble in its stipe (the branch part).


We kit up and drop in at 15 m depth. And find this:

3 m tall giants. It’s the most incredible underwater world! A mix of 3 different species all of them the biggest any of us have ever seen. Golden kelps a m wide floating down from suspended stipes and stretching out over the sea floor. It took our breathe away. Logan our Inuit guide was amazed! He couldn’t believe these forests had been hiding here.

So moment of wow. Nice kelp forests, Nunavut!

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